What Do Chinchillas Eat?

When it comes to chinchilla food, you have to be careful on what you are feeding. The reason behind this is if you provide him or her with the mixed nutritional supplements, he or she will choose his or her favourite pellets and leave the rest behind. Your chinchilla will end up not getting full nutrition.

You want to aim for a chinchilla diet or chinchilla nutrition of:

  • Fat:  2% – 5%.
  • Protein:  16% – 20%.
  • Fiber: 15% – 35% ; the higher the better

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4 Main Components of a Chinchilla Diet


The recommended brand by most chinchilla owners and experts  is Oxbow

Oxbow Animal Health Chinchilla Deluxe Fortified Small Animal Feeds

These pellets cater to your chinchillas’ diet, eliminating choosing and thus your chinchilla gets full nutrition.


oxbow essential chinchilla food


You can give blue grass or fresh alfalfa, but they are not 100% great as they have different amounts of fat, protein, moisture and fiber. We are not saying they are bad.

Timothy Hay is recommended (It should be taken with the pellets mentioned above).



You always need to make sure your chinchilla has access to clean fresh drinking water in a clean water bottle. Some people have had some problems with various water bottles but these have been found to have the least or no problems at all.

Living World Eco + Water Bottle
Where Do You Get This?

US #1. Living World Eco + Water Bottle, 6-Ounce

UK: Living World Eco Plus Water Bottle, 177 ml

CANADA Living World Eco Plus Water Bottle, 12-Ounce

There is an important read about pet water bottles here that can be very beneficial, especially if you are encountering some problems.


Some chinchilla treats include:

  • Raisins,
  • Rolled oats,
  • dried rose hips,
  • dandelion leaves and
  • Hibiscus

DO NOT overfeed the treats. They are mostly used to reward during TRAINING.

See video on how to train a Chinchilla using treats.

How To Train Your Chinchilla

Iki Kolohe Chinchillas Healthy Chinchilla Treats Starter Pack

Where Do I Get These Treats?

Healthy Chinchilla Treats Starter Pack

AVOID fruits and vegetables.

How Often Should You Feed Your Chinchilla?

  • Ensure that your chinchillas have a handful of Fresh hay available at all times.
  • Give 1 or 2 tablespoons of pellets in the morning and evening.
  • Ensure that your chinchillas have fresh water available at all times.

Examples of Good Chinchilla Food Bowls

4. Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl, Colors Vary

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