Looking for the Best African Pygmy Hedgehog Cages? Here Are Options To Choose From

Why are these pygmy hedgehog cages suitable? We have only considered cages that African pygmy hedgehog owners have used and are still using and have found them to be great. These are also the best pygmy hedgehog cages recommended by African pygmy hedgehogs experts; it is up to you to decide which you prefer. Let’s jump straight into them!


 Living World Deluxe Habitat, Large

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Most important, this cage meets the required size for the African pygmy hedgehogs. Minimum dimensions for a pygmy hedgehog cages is 2 feet by 3 feet, that is 24” x 36”. Bigger is always better. This cage measures 37.8 inches length x 22.4 inches width x 22 inches height. You can always get a bigger size if you want.

NOTE: You cannot have two hedgehogs in one cage, they usually fight or breed excessively.


See this helpful video on The Living World Deluxe Habitat cage review.

Living World Cage Setup & Unboxing

Where do you get this cage?

US#1. Living World Deluxe Habitat, Large

UK#2. Living World Deluxe Habitat, Standard


 Oxbow Guinea Pig & Dwarf Rabbit Habitat with Play Yard


PawHut Rolling Metal Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Small Animal Hutch Cage with Main House and Run

This short clip by Tyler Rugge shows how MOMO the pygmy Hedgehog is comfortable using this cage. It will explain everything you need to know.


Where Do You Get This Cage?

US: PawHut Rolling Metal Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Small Animal Hutch Cage with Main House and Run, 47″ L

UK: PawHut Rolling Metal Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Small Animal Hutch Cage with Main House and Run, 47″ L


 Repti-life 48x24x24 Inch Vivarium Flatpacked in Oak, 4ft Viv By

To see this pygmy hedgehog cage in action, watch these two clips

African Pygmy Hedgehogs New Cage! Vivarium

African Pygmy Hedgehogs New Vivarium

Where Do you get this cage?

UK: Repti-Life 48x24x24 Inch Vivarium Flatpacked In Oak, 4ft Viv


 Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit


If you are looking for an African pygmy hedgehog cage that you will not put that much effort on, this is the way to go. It is easy to clean, well ventilated, small enough to fit in your home and it opens up for you to reach all corners without struggle. If you want to use substrate bedding, you will have to get some bass pans made by the bass company. You can use fleece easily as the clip below will show.

NOTE: You can get a single unit and later on if you want to add on for it to become a double, you can get an additional top.

Nightly Routine! Hedgehogs

Where do you get this?

US#1. MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation Single Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 161) Includes 1 Leak-Proof Pans, 1 Shelf, 1 Ramps w/ Ramp Cover & 4 locking Wheel Casters, Measures 36″L x 25″W x 38.5″H Inches, Ideal for Dagus, Rats, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders

UK#2. MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand, Single Unit, 36 Inches by 24 Inches by 39 Inches



You will have to get creative here. (This is where you go online and see different styles/ designs of how you will attach the grids).

Before buying the grids and coroplast, figure out the design you are going for, so that you know how many grids you will require and the size and color of coroplast to get. Also, when you go the DIY hedgehog cages way, you will have to abide by the required hedgehog cage size!!!! Minimum dimensions for a hedgehog is 2 feet by 3 feet, that is 24” x 36”. Bigger is always better. Below are images of some simple designs just to have a feel.

Example one on C&C grids and Coroplast

Example Two on C&C grids and Coroplast

Here are some helpful clips to give a better feel:

Hedgehog Cage Tour!

Hedgehog Cage Tour

Better Yet Here are Two Tutorial Clips on How to Build These Type of Cages

How to build a C&C Cage

Building a C&C cage for 2 Cavies

How Do You Go About  Cutting and Scoring Coroplast:

Cutting & Scoring Coroplast

If you find that cutting coroplast for your grids to be too much work, there are already cut coroplast and pre-prepared grids that are sold for around $70-$90 and all you have to do is set up. Here is a video.

Setting up the C&C cage

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