How Do I Know He or She Is A Reputable Breeder?

You have identified which furry friend to take home and decided to go the breeder way.  You have also found a breeder (through referral or research online). How will you know if he or she is a reputable breeder?

Visit the breeder physically!

By doing this you will have a personal one on one with the breeder and get to see how he or she is caring for the animals he has, be it hamsters/pocket pets, chinchillas, guinea pigs/cavies, pet rats, hedgehogs, ferrets or short tail opossums.

Ask questions!

If you notice the breeder does not want to answer questions, or is giving incorrect information RUN!!!!! Remember that you already have answers to a majority of the questions you will be asking since you will have already read about your furry friend from either this website or others.

There are also some other important unique questions you need to ask that include:

  1. Why did you become a breeder?
  2. Do you offer any support? Are you in any forum or pet club?
  3. Will you take back the pet if I can no longer be able to provide for him or her?
  4. What care do you give your animals, “babies” and “parents?”
  5. How frequent are “babies” held and from what age? When are they available to take home or rehome?
  6. Do you get veterinary treatment for your pets? Is it possible for you to recommend a local vet?
  7. Are there any health or behavioral issues that I need to be aware of before taking him or her home?
  8. What are some of the potential problems I should look out for with this species?


A reputable breeder will also have questions for you

A reputable breeder will ask you some questions mainly to find out whether you are capable of providing for the needs of your pet. He or she will definitely want a loving home for his animals.

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