Helping You Choose The Right Degu Cage

What Do You Need To Consider?

  • A rule of thumb is that each degu you have requires at least 2-3 square feet of cage room.
  • It is not advised to have only one degu; it may get stressed out alone. You need at least 2.

Cage Dimensions
  • The minimum cage dimensions for degus is: 70-100+ cm long by 50+cm wide by 60-100+ cm high. Height and length are very important.

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OPTION #1.  Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit with Stand

  • The Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit with Stand is suitable for 2-3 degus.
  • You will need to make some modifications like replacing the plastic trays with bass metal trays. Degus are chewers!! They will chew the plastic trays that come with the critter nation. The Bass Equipment Company usually makes this and you can get in touch with them.
  • If you want to house 4 degus and want to go with the critter nation, you will have to buy another single unit to attach on the side. See image below.

  • A dremel tool is used to make cuttings.
  • You can also get two double unit critter nation cages and join them. Watch the video below.

Double Critter Nation Degu Cage Tour


Where do you get the Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit ?
MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162) Includes 2 leak-Proof Pans, 2 Shelves, 3 Ramps w/ Ramp Covers & 4 locking Wheel Casters, Measures 36″L x 24″W x 63″H Inches, Ideal for Dagus, Rats, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders

Where do you get the Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit to attach on the side?

US: Midwest Homes for Pets

UK: MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand, Single Unit, 36 Inches by 24 Inches by 39 Inches

OPTION #2. Savic Suite Royale Navy Blue Small Animal Cage 95 x 63 x 159 cm  Also Known as Savic Rat & Ferret Cage Royal Suite 95

This cage basically works the same way as the Midwest Critter Nation.

How will it look in Your House?


Where do you get this cage?

1. Savic Suite Royale Navy Blue Small Animal Cage 95 x 63 x 159 cm

OPTION #3. Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage – Durable 100% All-Metal Multi-Level Cage for Chinchillas, Rats, Ferrets, Prairie Dogs, Degus, Mice

OPTION #4. DIY Cages-

  • If you go this way, make sure you read the CARA chart found here for measurement guidelines.
  • You will need to be creative.
  • To get ideas you can search online for what other people have built.

Here is a short clip we came across for an example of a DIY cage.

DIY Homemade Degu Cage Tour

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