Helping You Choose A Good Gerbil Cage

Note This First Before Getting A Gerbil Cage

  • Each gerbil requires at least 5-10 gallons of space. (Remember it is important to have at least 2 gerbils as they are social animals.)
  • Minimum gallons necessary for 2 gerbils is a tank of 20 gallons.

Here is the rule of thumb (try not to go lower than that, you can, however, go higher, which will be much appreciated by your gerbils):

  • 20 gallons= 2 gerbils
  • 30 gallons= 3 gerbils
  • 40 gallons=4 gerbils
  • 50 gallons= 5 gerbils
Why Is Cage Size Important?

Understand these two terms:

  • Declanning

Gerbils live in groups, which are called clans. Within these clans, fights can break out because of different natural factors like dominance and mating. When such a fight occurs, there is always a loser, who must leave the clan. This is what is referred to as declanning.

  • Territorial Issues 

Now think about the natural factors mentioned above, some of which you might not know about and then put your gerbils in a small space. You can, of course, expect fights. If this happens, you will be required to take the loser gerbil to a separate habitat and look for another different gerbil to keep him or her company and make sure they are friendly enough to form a clan.

Most owners have housed their gerbils in tanks.  Wire cages are a bad idea because gerbils love digging tunnels.

Recommended Gerbil Cages



Tip this on its side and take out the shelves. You will need to get a lid that must be meshed to prevent chances of gerbil escape or some predator getting into the cage. The mesh also allows for proper ventilation.

See setting up videos. (You will get to see how this cage looks like in your home setting)

Assembling IKEA Detolf Hamster/ gerbil Cage

IKEA Detolf Hamster/gerbil Cage View


OPTION#2. 40+ gallons LONG fish tanks (consider the length more than height)-

You will need to get a lid that must be meshed. You can either make one yourself or buy the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Cover. It is totally up to you. You can also place gift wrap on the back outside of the tank to get colorful cage backgrounds. Same case applies to the Detolf IKEA. See image. Image credits go to Melodie from the hamster hideout forum.

Gift wrap on the back outside of the tank

You can have a look at this cleaning clip, to see the aquarium in action.

Hamster Tank Cleaning (40 gallon Breeder Tank)


Where Do You Get This Aquarium?

1. Aqueon Aquarium Standard Glass Rectangle Breeder Black 40 Gallon


Where Do You Get The Zilla Fresh Air Screen Cover?

1. Zilla Reptile Terrarium Covers Fresh Air Screen, 36×18-inch


OPTION #3. Home Tank Topper-

You will need to get a 10, 15 or 20-gallon glass aquarium tank. Instead of having a meshed lid, you will have a meshed or wire topper cage top. See what we mean.

New Cage Topper for Gerbils

Where Do You Get This?

20L Aquarium Tank Topper Cage Funhouse Gerbil Rat Hamster Degu
For different sizes depending on the gallon tank you have, check here:

It is good to NOTE that SOME gerbils chew on wires and can damage them. If you have gerbils that excessively chew on wires, avoid having thin wire tops. Choose thicker wired topper cages.


OPTION #4. Extra Large Gerbilariums (Savic Habitat Xl Navy Blue Gerbil Cage 70 X 37 X 52 Cm)

This one is equivalent to about 19.16 US Gallons Suitable for 2-3 gerbils.

See video of this cage below.

Gerbil Cage Tour

Where Do You Get This Cage?

Savic Habitat Xl Navy Blue Gerbil Cage 70 X 37 X 52 Cm



OPTION #5. Living World Green Moving Home Eco Habitat, Medium or the Large one (whichever you want)-

As this has a wooden base make sure to line it with good solid plastic or glass to avoid it being ruined.

Watch this clip on setting it up.

Setting up the Living World Green Eco Habitat HAmster Cage

Where Can You Get This Cage?

1. Living World Green Moving Home Eco Habitat, Small

2. Living World Green Eco Habitat

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  1. Lisa loughlin says:

    Hi just wanted to let you know the information you have is inaccurate, small tanks don’t cause declanning, small tanks do cause territorial issues leading to declanning, bigger is definitely better, I had my two in a tiny cage and unfortunately they declanned, nearly killing each other ,,due to the size of their tank, the bare minimum is 20 gallons for a single gerbil or a pair then a extra 10 gallons per extra gerbil, also gerbils are best in pairs as larger groups can become unstable which can lead to declanning,

    1. Victor J. says:

      Thanks Lisa, noted and corrected.

  2. Zivile says:

    This is just inaccurate.
    1. Minimum size per gerbil is 10 gallons, so for a pair it is 20. However, minimum is just a minimum to survive rather than thrive, so the recommended for a pair is 40 gal (100cm x 50cm of floor space and enough to fill with 20cm of bedding + space for a gerbil to stand up).
    2. Too much space will NOT cause territorial issues. On the contrary, too little space might do that. Also, to avoid territorial issues it’s a good idea to be mindful and not create spaces with just one entrance (for example one hole) where one gerbil would be able to block the entrance for the other.
    3. Option #4 Savic cage is too small because minimum enclosure requirements are given for the digging space and not the whole thing. Bottom part of Savic is too tiny even for XL version. Also it contains plastic and ladders which are not suitable for gerbils.
    4. Suggestions for more suitable enclosures: Falco and Marrakesh from Zooplus, possibly Kerry terrarium too.
    5. Your statement of having wire cages is not full correct – the most important thing for gerbils is to dig (whether you like it or not), and wire cages do not allow that and so are not suitable.

    1. Victor J. says:

      Zivile, thanks for the corrections. I have updated the article to help gerbil lovers provide the best for their gerbils.


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