Help!!! My Hamster Got Baby Hamsters

As a hamster owner, there are various circumstances you may find yourself in that may or may not lead you to have questions about baby hamsters. Some of these questions or circumstances may include:

  • I just bought a hamster and I think she is pregnant.
  • My newly acquired hamster just gave birth. What should I do?

Note that it is possible to avoid the above circumstances. How? Simply get your hamster from a reputable breeder. See the pros and cons here. It is very rare to obtain a pregnant hamster from a reputable breeder. There is, however, a chance of getting a pregnant hamster from Adoption, rescuing or ignorant pet stores.

What Should You Do If Your Hamster Is Pregnant or Gives Birth?

In the case of pregnancy, you will need a hamster savvy vet to confirm the pregnancy. The good thing about having your vet confirm pregnancy is that you will know how long your hamster has been pregnant and when she is most likely to give birth. You will also get advice and time to weigh your options.

Note the Following If You Plan On Keeping Baby Hamsters


  • Can you provide the necessary resources to make sure that the hamsters live comfortably and healthy? Remember that a Syrian hamster lives alone and cannot share a cage with another. This means you will have to get different cages for each baby hamster. Dwarf hamsters may share a cage but you have to be careful and watch them to make sure they are friendly, otherwise they may fight.
  • Do you have space in your house for the cages?
  • Do you have enough money to cater for feeding, bedding and accessories?
  • Do you have enough time and energy to clean all the cages?
Note the Following If You Don’t Plan On Keeping Baby Hamsters


  • The best advice we can give you is look for a reputable hamster breeder and give the baby hamsters to him or her. Why? You want the hamster to receive the best care possible. Breeders have seen it all and know what to do in all cases.
  • Pet stores do not have the best track record when it comes to this. Though some are good, there aren’t many reputable pet stores.
  • Again, giving your relatives the baby hamsters or selling them is not a good decision either; they may not be well taken care of. You can, maybe educate them on how to correctly care for hamsters.
How to care for baby hamsters before you find a reputable hamster breeder


  • DO NOT disturb the nest or touch the baby hamsters
  • DO NOT clean the cage
  • DO NOT separate baby hamsters from their mom before 5-8 weeks are over (the breeder you find will also tell you this)
  • Give plenty of food and fresh water. What food should you give?


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