All Your Aspen Bedding Questions Answered!

There are 3 popular types of aspen bedding known to many owners.

  • Aspen Shavings
  • Shredded Aspen
  • Aspen Sani-Chips

See also a video on the difference between Aspen shavings and Shredded Aspen

Difference between Aspen shavings and Shredded Aspen







Is Aspen Bedding Good?

Yes, it is, but it is not for everyone or every pet.

Is Aspen Bedding Dusty?

Unfortunately, aspen bedding is inherently dusty. However, you can get lucky and get aspen bags that are not very dusty. Some people will always be unlucky and get the dusty bags. This is the main reason you will hear various individuals say that a certain brand is not good and hear others ask how come? I have been using it and it is great! This being said, we will highlight the various brands that have been given more thumbs up by a majority of people later on.

If I Get a Dusty Bag What Can I Do?

If it is extremely dusty, you can always return the bag for another. We would, however, recommend that you buy the smallest bag first to see how it is.

If it has some slight dust, this is what some people have done to reduce the dust. Go outside. Poke lots of holes in the new aspen bag thoroughly and hit it enough to make the dust come out. When you notice it has minimized, put some aspen in a bag, for example, a Walmart bag and shake it gently. You will see some dust at the bottom of the bag, which will make you glad you got rid of.  Finally, pour it in a large plastic storage tote from a slightly high position, then run your hand through to see if there is still dust. Once you do this, your aspen will be free of dust.

I Have Allergies or A Respiratory Illness. Can I Use Aspen?

If you know you have allergies or there is someone in your household that has allergies or a respiratory illness, please avoid aspen bedding. You will end up sneezing.

I Do Not Like Strong Woody Smells, Is Aspen Right for Me?

Some aspen bedding will have a strong woody smell. The solution to this is airing out the bag outside for a few hours before using it. This will not get rid of the smell 100%, but will minimize it. However, if you can’t stand the woody smell, aspen is not for you.

Pet Signs That Show You Aspen Is Not Good for Him or Her (After You Put in Aspen in The Cage)

  • Excessive sneezing
  • Excessive scratching/itching
  • Avoiding the aspen/ inactivity/ lethargy
  • Hair/fur loss

Change the bedding immediately and observe whether your pet will improve, if he or she does not improve take him or her to the vet.

Is Aspen Soft?

It really depends on how you perceive it as your pet will not speak and tell you that it is hard. You can, however, see the actions of your pet. Does he or she remove it from where he or she sleeps? Then it is not a good nesting material and it is always recommended to give some extra soft nesting material when using aspen. What can you use? Toilet paper shreds or combine aspen with Kaytee clean and cozy natural unscented.

Is Aspen Absorbent?

Yes, aspen is absorbent. If you are getting any smells, you need to recheck on your cage cleaning and know what you are not doing right. Also, train your pet to use the litter pan/ tray or box.

Can Aspen Have Mites or Lice?

Not really, but if you are paranoid or want to be 100% sure, you can freeze the bag for a day and warm it later when you need to put it in the cage. You can also bake your Aspen at about 200 for an hour in batches and put it in clean Zip lock bags or clean storage plastic totes. People claim that when you go for the cheap Aspen that is when you risk mites.

What Small Furry Pets Can I Use Aspen On?

With aspen you have to be very careful due to its dust. Some pets have very sensitive respiratory systems when it comes to dust. If you have mice, rats, STOs or ferrets we would recommend you find a less dusty bedding. These pets are prone to respiratory illnesses and risking aspen on them is not very wise. We have recommended the best bedding for these pets under their tabs. If you are SURE that the aspen is NOT DUSTY at all, then you can use it. The common types used for these pets are the Aspen shavings and Sani-chips types.

You can use aspen for chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs and African pygmy hedgehogs. Just make sure it is not dusty. The common types used for these pets are the Aspen shavings and Aspen Sani-chips types.

For burrowing pets like hamsters and gerbils you can use the Shredded Aspen type as they hold tunnels well. The brand recommended by most owners and experts is this one that has had different names as the company has changed its name a couple of times. It was known as Native Earth Shredded Aspen by Harlan Teklad, which has now changed to we think Harlan Tekland Envigo Aspen Bedding for Pets #7093.

What Brands of Aspen Bedding Are the Best?

This question has been asked by so many people. Here is a detailed outline of the brands and types of Aspen that most people have found best and for what pets. They are in the order of what most owners and experts recommend.

Product BrandNameTypeWhere Do I get this?

Native Earth Shredded Aspen by Harlan Teklad

This was the original brand

We think this is the new brand

Harlan Tekland Envigo Aspen Bedding for Pets #7093.
Shredded AspenHarlan Tekland Envigo Aspen Bedding for Pets 7093

Dr. Forster and Smith AspenAspen Shavings
Aspen Bedding from tractor supplyAspen ShavingsPremier Pet Aspen Pet Bedding, 2.0 cu. ft.

Kaytee Aspen Bedding

Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag
Aspen Shavings

Aspen Shavings

Aspen Shavings

US#1. Kaytee Aspen Bedding, 8.0 Cubic Foot Bag

UK#2. Kaytee Aspen Bedding 8 cubic feet, Multicolor, Model:100032006

Kaytee Aspen Small Animal Bedding
So Phresh Natural Aspen Small Animal BeddingAspen ShavingsUS#1. So Phresh Natural Aspen Small Animal Bedding, 2 cu. ft.

UK#2. So Phresh Natural Aspen Small Animal Bedding, 500 cu. In. by So Phresh

US: So Phresh Natural Aspen Small Animal Bedding, 56.6 Liters (3456 cu. in.)
Grreat Choice® Aspen Wood Shavings Pet BeddingAspen ShavingsGrreat Choice® Aspen Wood Shavings Pet Bedding
aspen bedding aspen shavingsAll Living Things® Aspen BeddingAspen ShavingsUS: All Living Things® Aspen Bedding


NOTE: We are not saying that other brands are bad, all we are saying is that a majority of people have used the above without major disappointments.

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