All Your Small Pet Water Bottle Questions Answered!

1. Has anyone found a small pet water bottle that does not leak or that does not have problems?

You may never get a 100% good water bottle, but you can get good ones that will serve you for long. We have researched on what owners have used and found effective!

Position 1 goes to Living World Eco + Water Bottle

Another good bottle is the Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

Others come second, third, fourth etc. This does not mean other bottles are bad. If you are using any other and it works for you, by all means keep using it.

2. Why are water bottles preferred to Water bowls?

The simple answer to this is that they are less messy and more hygienic. However, for some small pets, you need to use a water bowl.

3. What is the recommended size of a water bottle?

This will be your choice. It is, however, recommended to get a smaller one to kick the laziness of cleaning the water bottle out of you. That is, you will be “forced” to replenish and clean the small water bottle frequently, which is a good thing!

4. What are some tips to using the water bottle?
  • Before attaching your water bottle to the cage, fill it with water then turn it upside down and tap the tip as a form of priming. See how water comes out and make sure it is not dripping excessively.  Check  for clogged and leaking watter bottles every day.
  • Place the water bottle 2-3 inches above the bedding.
  • If you have a wire cage, let the bottle stay outside and the sipper tube inside.
  • To check if your pet is drinking, for those bottles that do not have markings, mark the water bottle with a white board marker at the level of the water and check if the water level has moved over some days.
  • If your pet has not figured out how to use the bottle, apply some peanut butter or treat near the tip of the sipper tube, not inside to help him or her know that there is some water there.
  • Some people place a water bowl as a supplement to the water bottle, again, this is your choice.

Some informative clips you should watch

Water Bottles Problems & Possible Solutions

What to do when water bottle does not work?

5. How do I attach my water bottle to glass tanks?

Use industrial grade Velcro see video

Using velcro for attaching water bottles







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