Why smallfurryfriend.com? We noticed that some people want to own pets that are neither cats nor dogs. Also, some people prefer having some small cage pets instead of pets running around in the house. We, therefore, opted to do research on some small furry pets that are considered great cage pets. Good to note is that pets are not for everyone. We optimized our research to help you gauge whether your chosen small furry friend is right for you. To make things even easier for you, smallfurryfriend.com has included short clips. These show you how various things are done, for example, cleaning cages and DIY projects among other things.

In our research we wanted to cover everything. Step by step! From acquiring your favored pet to caring for him or her. This includes but not limited to:
  • The pet’s lifespan
  • The minimum age the pet should be when bringing him or her home
  • What age your child should be to care for the small furry pets
  • Whether the pet is nocturnal or diurnal
  • How to handle the pet.
  • The recommended cages, bedding and accessories your pet requires (considering factors like what have other owners used and found working? Is this healthy for my pet? Can I afford this? Is this durable? Do I have space in my house?)
  • How to feed your chosen small furry pets (what, how and when do I feed my pet?)
  • Guide to perform health checks.
  • Some do’s and don’ts
  • How to travel with the particular small furry friend
  • cleaning up after your small furry pets (including videos)
  • How to train your pet
We also wanted to cater for everyone!
  1. Those who have not decided on which small furry friend to go with

How are we helping these individuals?

  • We have provided a detailed checklist you can download here. As you read through the pets you can put a ✓ or ✕ where you see fit. This will help you make an informed choice of which pet you have the resources to take care of.
  • We have provided a simple pet caring guide (see above). Basically holding your hand through out!
  • We have also provided a detailed item checklist for each small furry pet. You can download the checklist here. The checklist will help you NOT leave out an item your chosen pet will require.


  1. Those who already own furry friends

How are we helping these individuals?

  • We have collected information from multiple owners and experts. If you were doing something wrong or had something that was disturbing you, we are certain we have provided the answer. If not, feel free to ask your query.

For accessories or products your pet may need, we have carried out research and identified the most suited taking into consideration pocket friendliness, comfort of your pet, health of your pet and ease of cleaning. We have also considered what owners and experts of these pets have found working best. All highlighted products in this site have been suggested either by a pet owner or an expert.