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You have definitely heard people caution on the importance of research before acquiring any pet. Why is this so? You already know you need a pet, and have a clue on what you want to get; a hamster, guinea pig, hedgehog or chinchilla among others. This is not enough! There are certain things your pet requires so as to live comfortably and maintain good health. You have to make sure you can provide these things. Understand this before getting any pet or thinking of buying any product:

The most important thing when it comes to your pet is health and comfort!  


Note that you can fall in love with a certain pet, but you may fail to have what it takes to care for him/her either financially or in the amount of work there is in caring for them (cleanliness or time). Remember that you want a healthy pet and failing or not being able to provide for your pet will lead to an unhealthy pet. If upon reading through you realize you can’t sustain a certain pet, choose another or save up and get the pet when you are comfortable!!

When it comes to items or products your pet will need, health is also very important. If you know you cannot afford something that is important for your pet, think of whether you can DIY it. Whatever thing you are purchasing for your pet; know why you are buying it. For example, if it’s a cage, know why you require a big one or a small one, a long, wide or high one. If it is too expensive for you in one place it might be cheaper in another. If it’s expensive everywhere, save up or consider if you can DIY it? If it is food, what diet is the best healthwise for this pet? Does this feed have the contents necessary for my pet or is it just being sold for profit? If it is cage bedding, is this bedding harmful to my pet?

Having said this, we think we have given you an idea that the health of your pet comes first. Don’t be too excited to get a certain pet when you know you cannot provide for him or her well. We have carried out plenty of research on different small furry friends and mentioned the things they need and why they need them. Read through to understand and make your well informed choice.

We want to cater for everyone:

For those who have not decided on which furry friend to go with, we have made it easy and straightforward, basically giving you step by step guidelines. We have outlined our articles to give you detailed information, which will help you make informed decisions on whether you are capable of providing to the needs of your favored furry friend. Furthermore, we have provided a checklist that you can opt to print out and as you go through the articles put a ✓ or ✕ based on your evaluation. By doing this, you will be able to see which pet you have more ticks on and you can acquire him or her. Print Pet Selection Checklist. This checklist is also important for parents who do not know what small furry friend to get their kids. After you have decided on which pet you can provide for comfortably, you will need a checklist to help you not leave out anything your pet requires. Print Pet Requirements Checklist . You can have a look at the cages bedding & ACCs menu tab above when filling out this checklist.

There are various factors you will come across that will require further reading; we have provided links on those sections. We insist you read them to be informed. Our information has been derived from owners of these pets (their experiences) and also from what experts suggest. We also understand that you do not get the same feeling when reading as from watching. Therefore, where we feel you have to see how to do a certain activity we have shown the best how to video or image. We believe this gives a kind of hands on experience.

For those who already own furry friends, you can still have a read and watch. Maybe you will find out where you may have been going wrong and thus improve on the livelihood of you and your pet. You may also have questions that we are glad to answer or have already answered in a variety of articles we have posted based on topics picked from owners queries. Some questions we have come across are among others, are hamsters good pets? Are Chinchillas good pets? Are ferrets good pets? What do guinea pigs eat? Can hamsters eat strawberries?

For accessories or products your pet may need, we have carried out research and identified the most suited taking into consideration pocket friendliness, comfort of your pet, health of your pet and ease of cleaning. We have also considered what owners and experts of these pets have found working best. All highlighted products in this site have been suggested either by a pet owner or an expert.

Important Note: When it comes to the health of your pet, visit your particular pet savvy Vet!!!

Let’s take a look at some of the small furry friends that people love.

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